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Star Spangled Gamblers

May 14, 2022

Dave Catanese, political correspondent for McLatchy papers & The Atlantic, spotted Kathy Barnette early on and was one of the first national reporters to score an interview with her. We asked him what she's hiding; and what he learned about her as a candidate during their interview. The answers are surprising.

May 12, 2022

On this episode of SSG, we are turning to our Oregon political betting tigress, WINE MOM. If you are a heavy duty degen then you know that WINE MOM is one of newest & hottest traders in the game. She's also a local yokel in Oregon and knows her stuff. Secondly, the boys will be computing just how radical of a...

May 10, 2022

We're in overtime for one of the year's most impactful primaries. On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Republicans will choose their nominee for a race that may decide which party controls the Senate in 2023. Which way they are leaning remains a complete and total mystery with a field that features three potent candidates: TV host...

May 7, 2022

Break down the lessons learned from the contentious GOP primary in Ohio and get ready for Pennsylvania & Arizona. Get woke to Colombia's presdential election with Seeking Alpha's Ian Bezek. And a deep dive on Madison Cawthorn's primary challenge. 

May 3, 2022

No prelude necessary. The Supreme Court looks like it's going to nuke abortion as we know it in America. This is an SSG episode that will give you the details on:

  • What is going on and why does it matter

And how nuclear war over abortion will effect:

  • Will the Supreme Court reverse Roe v. Wade?
  • Senate...