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Star Spangled Gamblers

Jun 6, 2024

Pratik Chougule previews Manifest 2024.

Ben Freeman (@benwfreeman1) and Alex Chan (@ianlazaran) negotiate a side bet on whether Trump will select Tim Scott, Doug Burgum, or Marco Rubio as his running mate. They discuss how Trump will make the decision and when he'll announce it. 


0:09: Pratik introduces...

Jun 3, 2024

The CFTC has proposed a new rule that would restrict betting on election markets. Pratik Chougule and Mick Bransfield do a deep dive into the CFTC's deliberations.


0:00: Introduction

6:11: Interview with Bransfield begins

8:50: CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam is spending political capital on the issue

10:14: What...

May 20, 2024

London-based political gambler Pip Moss joins SSG to discuss Rishi Sunak's political future.


4:03: Interview with Pip begins

4:11: Pip's background

11:02: What went wrong for Sunak?

21:35: How election timing is determined in UK

26:00: When an election can constitutionally be held

27:22: Current market prices...

May 9, 2024

Every year, Star Spangled Gamblers hosts the Golden Modelos—an awards show for the best and worst of political gambling in the previous year.

Abhi Kylasa (AENews) and Vanilla Vice return to the show to discuss which nominees should make the ballot.


0:00: Pratik introduces the Golden Modelos and why...

Apr 15, 2024

Hemma Kilawan, a member of the SSG team, analyzes whether and when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will get engaged.


0:40: Pratik explains why SSG is covering Taylor Swift markets and how they relate to political gambling

3:50: Pratik thanks a Patreon sponsor and why his contribution is important