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Star Spangled Gamblers

Jun 23, 2020

We have been on an absolute political gambling heater lately but this past week Star Spangled Gamblers' betting momentum was absolutely nuked by a few reversals downstream from George Floyd's murder. On this episode, the Boys dissect a few bad beats to understand their errors and hopefully save you from making the same.

Jun 12, 2020

Political Gambling is coming home in this bang-up edition of SSG. We're with Ladbrokes (a massive UK sports book for all you Yanks out there) talking betting action with their head bookmaker for politics, Matt Shaddick. This is absolutely must-see TV. We talk about too many betting opportunities to even summarize...

Jun 10, 2020


America's #1 political gambling exchange is on the retreat and it is freaking us out.

But we've got the #1 trader here to talk about what's going on. PredictIt pro Domahhh -- one of the most secretive and lucrative bettors in the game -- joins to talk about a potentially shaky moment for PredictIt...

Jun 9, 2020

After a brutal week in the nation, the Boys come together to talk about the best ways to bet on:

-- Are the mass protests in the wake of George Floyd's death going to change the direction of the 2020 election?

-- WTF is going on with Tammy Duckworth's VP bid

-- Are Kamala Harris and Val Demmings' law enforcements...

Jun 1, 2020

The Boys get serious and dive into the startling events happening in our city streets today. In addition to analyzing the nationwide protests and riots, SSG also covers Rep. Steve King's (R-IA) primary as well as Roger Stone and Mike Flynn's continued legal problems.