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Star Spangled Gamblers

Feb 28, 2022

The Boys are as baffled as you are by Putin's moves in Ukraine. On this episode, they race to the endgame of the war in Ukraine to make some sensible predictions for a very dangerous moment in history. Could this war mark Putin's downfall?

Feb 24, 2022

Freedom is under attack in Ukraine while socialism is on retreat in California. On this episode, the Boys re-hash the scary situation in Ukraine and make some predictions about the next steps. Then, Eli Braden joins to talk about a series of whacky elections in California that are showcasing liberals turning...

Feb 18, 2022

Matt Shaddick, Europe's leading political odds maker, joins from his desk at $markets to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and the potential repurcussions for Western heads of state including Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, and Vlad Putin himself.

Feb 12, 2022

We have been beating around the bush for weeks about Leondra Kruger, one of Joe Biden’s final 3 contenders for the Supreme Court, and why she is an absolute freight train of jurisprudence that might be headed straight to the highest court in the land.

It’s time to give Leondra Kruger her due. We interviewed one of...

Feb 9, 2022

Joe Rogan beats the woke mob. Stacey Abrams self-owns with an epic photo of COVID overreach. And New Jersey, California, and Connecticut do away with masks. It’s a big moment to watch the era’s trends reverse. And there are a surprising number of legal places to wager on the outcomes that these events portend....