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Star Spangled Gamblers

Sep 28, 2021

Animals, the government is running out of money, the debt limit is about to hit, and Joe Biden still wants to spend more dough on "infrastructure." This 3-car pileup is very consequential to the nation's future, but more importantly, it is creating a lush betting environment. Don't miss it-- here's how to do it right,...

Sep 23, 2021

In the next few weeks, Congress must figure out how to fund the government, raise the national debt limit, and potentially pass a $3.5T (or smaller) reconciliation bill to give President Biden a nice little grab bag of funny money. Love it or hate it, this podcast is a blueprint to making money predicting things.


Sep 13, 2021

The Boys tackle county-level betting markets for Gavin Newsom's California Recall + the endgame for Britney Spears' conservatorship. Both are juicy bets that are sprinting to a conclusion in the next 2 weeks. Don't miss it!

Sep 8, 2021

With Joe Biden's polls upside down thanks to a slew of controversial issues -- Afghanistan, abortion in Texas, inflation, COVID, and critical race theory -- it's time for you to re-assess your betting strategy.

Will these stories matter in the longrun? 

Here are 5 places to look for alpha, or to cut your losses.

Sep 1, 2021

On this episode, Domer & Sharko Rubio join Keendawg to stake their claim in the California Gold Rush going on alongside Gov. Gavin Newsom's recall. This podcast will cover the main election as well as county-level bets. Finally, Keendawg reports from Pratik's wedding to find out if he is still an alpha and feeling sexy...