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Star Spangled Gamblers

Apr 27, 2020

On this Mailbag Monday, Zoltar, Pratik, and Keendawg answer all your political gambling questions related to:

  • An update on the NY Primary
  • Whether Justin Amash is going to run for president
  • Whether Pratik is a cuck
  • Whether Pratik is a cuck for predicting that Susan Collins will lose her re-election in Maine.
  • Our random...

Apr 26, 2020

In a special bonus podcast, heavy hitting political gambler iSavage joins the boys to talk about his 10 best bets for the 2020 Election. Also covered are:

-- Sen. Susan Collins' (R-ME) re-election hopes in Maine.

-- Whether or not Texas will ever elect a Democrat.

-- The particular biases of PredictIt traders, who...

Apr 19, 2020

In this episode, Keendawg, Zoltar, and Pratik tackle rumors of possible primary cancelations, Amy Klobuchar's Vice President bid, and whether or not Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer will look like a hero and a clown this time next year. For additional political gambling content and comedy,...

Apr 13, 2020

Keendawg, Zoltar, and Pratik gather their league of extraordinary political gamblers to talk about the real money bets they're making on this week's news cycle. In this week's episode, they tackle legal wagering opportunities related to these questions:

- Is Gretchen Whitmer a real VP candidate?

- Does it make sense to...