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Star Spangled Gamblers

Dec 31, 2023

Four Part Episode

Part 1: Dr. Lucas (@talophex) on Biden's health

Part 2: The Winner (@thewinner2875) and Ben Freeman (@benwfreeman1) on whether Vivek Ramaswamy is worth buying as a hedge

Part 3: Mick Bransfield (@mickbransfield) on the CFTC's decision to reject Kalshi's election contracts

Part 4: Nathan Young (@nathanpyoung) on religion and prediction markets 


5:08: Interview with Lucas begins

6:39: Biden's cognitive decline

8:49: Biden's physical health

10:20: Biden's aneurysms

13:18: Biden's capacity to run a presidential campaign

15:19: Biden's risk of vaccine injury

18:45: How to trade on Biden's health on Polymarket

20:46: Segment on Ramaswamy begins

21:46: Ben Freeman on fading the online candidate

23:22: Segment on CFTC's Kalshi decision begins

24:21: Commissioner Mersinger's dissent

25:54: State laws on political betting

27:40: Why the CFTC is not main the adversary of political betting

28:14: Legality of the Iowa Electronic Markets

29:47: Kalshi's tried to find a shortcut

30:50: Excerpt of Chougule's speech on black markets

32:22: Segment with Nathan Young begins

32:37: How religion made Young interested in prediction markets

33:10: Forecasters were ahead of the curve on COVID

34:02: Similarities between the rationality and religious communities

38:05: Religious attitudes toward gambling in the UK

40:56: America's religious opposition to political betting

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