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Star Spangled Gamblers

Dec 31, 2020

Josh Hawley has said he will object to the election's results and markets are in PANUC. Who will be the next Senator to object -- or will there be one?

On this podcast, Keendawg, Pratik, iSavage, and Gaeten hit that question hard.

Dec 23, 2020

Donald Trump is acting like an extremely butthurt lunatic over losing the election, and betting opportunities abound. They are also shifting by the day. This podcast was an absolute miracle for reasons you will discover when you push PLAY.

Dec 16, 2020

We have an absolute banger of an episode lined-up for you this week. We've got Zoltar, Pratik, and special guest Gaeten Dugas in the lab for an SSG episode that covers all the biggest bets related to:

  • The Electoral College certifying this election
  • Possible Republican Senatorial challenges to Joe Biden's win
  • Biden's...

Dec 10, 2020

This week's podcast is out and we are back in the game. Topics include:

  • Zoltar's Carolina Reaper wrap-up
  • Will Trump pardon his family, Paul Manafort, Rudy G, and himself?
  • Biden cabinet picks
  • California senate races & LOCKS

Keendawg, Zoltar and Pratik are in the lab.

Nov 23, 2020

This episode is a breakdown of all Joe Biden's cabinet picks -- that he hasn't made yet -- but we know he will.